There are lots of options for pet grooming software available.  Some are free.  Others have a monthly cost.  More have hidden additions.  So let’s review what to look for in a pet grooming software and which one is the right one for you.

Working In The Cloud

  • – Access information any time!  On the go?  Login with your phone or iPad.  On vacation?  Access with your laptop.  Everything is saved “In the cloud” so you can take your business fully mobile.  Run reports and review all transactions for real-time updates on your salon activity.

Keep it “All-in-one”

  • – Why use different systems for employee time-keeping, inventory, sales, credit card transactions, loyalty programs, coupons, running reports and more?  By using an all-in-one system, you have one contact and one login for all your needs.  This is much better than dealing with several different companies.  Keep it all-in-one for ease and peace of mind.

Minimize costs

  • – All-in-one systems may sound expensive at first.  But if you use different systems you could incur multiple set-up costs for each system and multiple on-going costs.  This is the last thing you need when  starting out or trying to make improvements to better serve your clients.

Have free support/training

  • – Good salon management software companies will not charge extra for on-going training and support.  Be careful of any company trying to serve you ‘a la carte’ on these features.  They should be willing to serve you at any time.


  • – Your business is unique with different ideas and goals than others.  A good system allows you to customize based on your needs and goals.  Don’t allow yourself to be squeezed into whatever cookie cutter offering a company has.  You are unique and want to stand out.  Your salon management software should allow you to do that!

Until Next Time!

Your Pet Grooming Software Tech